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La Gatta music box

It started like this ... almost as a game.
"A few years ago I bought for my kids a little book with a story entitled “Dreams without glasses”. It tells about a little girl and her wonderful discovery: when she uses her glasses she lives in the real world, the one that everyone can see; when she takes them off it appears a world of sweetness, light and evanescent, a world where you can dance like in a dream that becomes reality. I treasured with my children of those fantastic images and I hope that you too can now take your glasses off and dance with the simplicity of our items”.

Sabatino Polce

Production and sale of music box for over 25 years..

If you are looking for a lab that produces and sells hand-made music box made in Italy, so you're in the right place.

In our catalog you will find hundreds of music box suitable for any occasion.

In the laboratories of La Gatta, we design and execute Handcrafted music box since 1987, using selected materials and finishing techniques that are completely manual.

Original musc box, that draw from tradition, but also from fantasy and imagination!
For any occasion, for every price range, with over 30 different melodies, our music box will accompany the most important and unrepeatable occasions of your life.

There are music box for children and adults, from collection or for festivities, like Christmas and the party of lovers.
Music box for births, wedding ceremonies, baptism, communion and wedding anniversary.
Music box for your passions: dance, music, theater, cinema ... Arlecchino and Pulcinella, Pinocchio and Charlot ...
Music box with famous fairy tales and bright carvings to illuminate your rooms, as in dreams.
Music box playing at the simple turn of a crank and other more complex, charging, that can recreate fascinating movements and rotations.

Sabatino Polce and Catia Gambetta