Tino e Catia

25 years have passed and that dream continues...

“This adventure was born in 1983 in Padua. We were still students of Architecture in Venice and we were looking for an economic independence… but later, when we graduated, the needs became a passion and a job... a wonderful adventure.
With our characters we wanted to speack about life: the birth of our children, their discoveries, the fun we had together, trips to beautiful places, real or imaginary, drawing from memories or dreams.

Today we believe more and more in a limited production, in the direct control of each item created, in the variance like as wealth, and especially in the pleasure of working peacefully. All the artifacts are signed and numbered personally by me or by Catia, so to call them “unique” is not more an heresy.

So for many years we proposed carillon, they are certainly fascinating for their history, for the beauty of the melodies played and the elegance of the possible movements, but they are precious for us mainly because they can evoke both adults and children the joy of a daily dance... getting on a carousel as a metaphor of life!”

Sabatino Polce e Catia Gambetta - San Benedetto del Tronto (Ap) Italy, February, 2013

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