First, it should be noted that we can not produce with music box melodies on commission, because these mechanisms are produced with technologies computerized and every request is taken into consideration (by Sankio) only for large quantities supeiori to 5000 pieces. The catalog currently supplied is very rich, but only responds to a request from the world market.
There are musical mechanisms with more or less musical notes: 18-36-50-72 and 144.
More the comb is equipped with slats and more you have musical notes and octaves to a melody rich and composite.

Our music box mechanisms mounted only 18 notes, and this to have a production available and regular, especially at a reasonable price.
Each of our music box has its own melody assigned and cognate to the subject and you can not obtain a replacement.

Below you can find some of the melodies in our catalog. Remembering that we only use 18 notes mechanisms, we wanted to also offer beautiful examples of melodies produced by richer mechanisms.

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